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Terms & Conditions


Depending on the bundle you chose, we offer modifications. We put a priority on giving our clients the greatest services possible, and we’ll keep revising until your needs are satisfied. The turnaround time for revisions would be 48 hours, depending on the project’s complexity.


The turnaround time is the period of time it takes to complete and deliver your original design thoughts. The turnaround time for all brand-new web orders is 48 to 72 hours after order confirmation and full brief submission.


If, then Designs Elements’ refund policy is null and void.

  • You’ve selected a combo deal.
  • The original design idea has been delivered and approved.
  • You’ve asked for numerous modifications.
  • The decision to cancel was taken for non-company-related reasons.
  • For more than two weeks of the project, the company has not been contacted.
  • Policies of the company have been broken.
  • For the same job, a different business or designer has been contacted.
  • Information that is necessary is absent from the creative brief.
  • There has been a call for a total design or module change.
  • The ‘request for reimbursement’ time period for this claim has passed.
  • The company is shutting down.
  • Websites cannot be returned once the client has accepted the design and the website has been handed off to the developer.
  • SMM, SEO, domain registration, and web hosting services are not eligible for a refund.


To have your refund, follow the following steps: You can claim your refund by:

Policy on communications

Designs Elements disclaims all responsibility for communications sent from email addresses that do not begin with “..@designselements” or from toll-free numbers that are not listed on our website. Any harm brought on by such correspondence is not to be attributed to Designs Elements. Only communications sent using our own domain-named email addresses or toll-free numbers are subject to our responsibility.


It is crucial to note that we are not liable for any occurrences or problems that may occur after we have finished the website and delivered it to you. Given that it guarantees continuing support and assistance for your website, we strongly advise taking a look at our maintenance program. You will receive routine updates, security patches, and technical help when you enroll in our maintenance service, assuring the best performance and security of your website. Please be aware that any modifications or additions you make to the website, including your own, are at your own responsibility and may have an adverse effect on its functionality or security. To benefit from our maintenance program, we urge you to carefully research and acquaint yourself with its details.


At Designs Elements, we promise that all of our customers’ websites and logos are original creations. You will have a design that is specifically tailored to your needs in this manner. We promise that your design will be exceptional and wow your audience.


The Client receives the design rights without incurring any further fees.